Buying a Home

Why use me? That’s a great question!

I will take the time to listen to your needs, wants and desires and I will help you find the perfect home to match your wish list! Let me help you every step of the way. I will check multiple sources to help you find the perfect home. I will check the MLS listings, exclusives, pocket listings, foreclosures, out of town sellers, for sale by owner properties, for sale by owner websites and, pre-construction. When purchasing a home, you are forced with a multitude of decisions! I will make the process easier, more enjoyable, less time consuming and less expensive than if you took on the challenges on your own.

Whether you are buying your first home, up-sizing to your second home, down-sizing or, making an investment purchase. I can’t wait to help you! With honest advice, attentive listening, patience, knowledge in re-sale and, negotiating on your behalf. I will help you every step of the way from the mortgage pre-approval, creating your needs vs. wants list, showing you properties, writing the offer, inspections, closing and, possession day!! I am passionate about it all!!

My expertise extends beyond just the purchase of your home. I am part of a network of professionals ranging from movers, contractors, accountants, electricians, plumbers, mortgage professionals and, lawyers. If you have questions or any further needs after possession day please don’t hesitate to call me. Even years later, I am always a phone call away! 


First things first, Why do you want to buy a home?

To stop paying rent, start building equity, raise a family, to have a place of your own, entertain guests, move up to a bigger home, downsize, investment property?

Step 1- Mortgage approval:
If you don’t already have a preferred bank please let me know and I can introduce you to a mortgage professional or broker who will work hard to get you the lowest rate.

 A mortgage pre-approval assists a home buyer in determining how much money they will be eligible to borrow prior to a formal application for a mortgage loan, based on information you have provided. With a pre-approval, you’ll get a clear sense of how much you can afford, and a particular mortgage rate will be reserved for you. With a locked-in-rate usually for 60-90 days, there is no risk of any interest rate increased while you are house hunting. You will also benefit from a lower rate if rates decrease during this time period.

** I can send you a list of documents you will need to provide the bank with to get your pre-approval going. Call me or send me a text or email and I will send it over! **

Step 2: Narrowing down your search:
It is now time to determine which area of the city you want to live in, south, north, east or west or out of town. If you are unfamiliar with the different areas within the city I will gladly educate you on the pros and cons of each area. Do you want a new or an older home? A home that needs some TLC or a home that is move in ready? How close do you need to be to public transportation, schools, shopping, etc?  Based on your pre-approval what price range do you want to stay between? How large of a home, how many bedrooms, bathrooms? What style of home do you prefer- Bungalow, two stories, bi-level or a one story?

Step 3- Time to look at homes! 
You select all the houses that you like and want to see. I mean ALL of them; there is no limit. Your perfect home could be the first home we view or the 20th one, so be sure not to leave any out! We can see as many houses as you wish, so that we can find your home! I will never pressure you to buy.  I am here for you and it is my job to guide you through the process.  Stress should not be a part of this process. If we notice it’s starting to sneak in then we will sit down and re-evaluate. There is a reason for everything, and there is always an answer.

Step 4- Writing the offer:
Now that we have found a home you love, all questions have been answered. Now, it is time to sit down and write the offer! Sandra will have completed a market evaluation on the home to determine a good offer and purchase price by this point. This may be a new process to you, but it’s not to me! I will guide you through each part of the offer (price, possession day, terms, conditions, etc.) Together, we will negotiate the best possible deal for you! The process of the offer can be stressful and unexpected situations can occur, but rest assured I will handle all of this for you. I got you covered!

Step 5- Offer is accepted
Now that you have an accepted offer, the next step will be getting the conditions of the offer satisfied. (Ex. financing, home inspection, lawyer approval) Sandra will make sure to send the offer over to your bank, lawyer and arrange any inspections. Once the conditions have been satisfied then all you need to worry about is packing and getting ready to move into your new home!

* This is just a short version of the buying process.  I will provide you with my full buyer’s package explaining everything in full detail. * 


In most cases properties offered for sale by members of the real estate industry have a commission or fee for service that the seller has agreed to pay the listing agent.

The listing agent traditionally shares this commission/fee with the cooperating agent. This commission/ fee may vary. Some cases may exist where a seller requires the agent’s fee (or portion of) to be paid by the buyer. As this may be a significant impact in your purchase, I will keep you informed on such cases.

As a represented buyer, you should have a clearly defined representation agreement with your buyer agent. My buyer agency agreement clearly states that I represent your best interests, how much my portion of fees will be, and how that fee will be paid. We will review and discuss this.

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