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It is normal practice that after executing the Contract of Purchase and Sale, your real estate agent will ask for the name of a lawyer to act on your behalf to complete the transaction. The main function of the Seller's lawyer is to clear title of any claims against the property not agreed to by the Buyer and also to make certain that all funds due to the Seller are received by the Seller. The primary duties of the lawyer representing the Buyer are to prepare all legal documentation, and ensure that the Buyer obtains title to the property free of all claims except those, which have been agreed to by the Buyer. It is recommended that you contact your lawyer as soon as possible to discuss steps which the lawyer will be taking and those matters, which are left to your responsibility. The lawyer should also be able to provide you with an estimate of legal fees and other costs to allow you to accurately budget for the entire transaction. It is important to keep your lawyer fully informed of all developments concerning the transaction, in an effort to avoid possible problems should they arise.

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